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What is a Polite Bhovi Matrimonial Fraud?

After posting an impressive online profile on a matrimonial site, posing as prospective bridegroom, fraudsters befriend women. They use voice-changing apps to pose as the parents of the bridegroom when talking to the women they are trying to con. Once they gain confidence, the fraudsters ask women to transfer money into their bank accounts stating an emergency. They disappear without a trace as soon the money is transferred and the cycle continues.

How can you protect yourself from Matrimonial Frauds?

1- Ignore requests to send money and report the matter to authorities immediately. 2- Never give your financial information, such as Credit Card number, to people you befriend on the internet. 3- Be wary of a person who quickly asks to contact from a different email ID or messaging service, asks for your address, etc. 4- Do a criminal background check of the person. 5- Meet the person in public places only. 6- Inform your friends or family about where and who you are meeting.